Ribbex takes delivery of a 26t Terberg Toploader

Ribbex has taken delivery of a 26t Terberg Toploader® for the collection of customer’s separated food and glass waste. The body is mounted on a Mercedes 6×2 rear steer Econic in line with the configuration of the rest of the fleet.

As commercial waste management becomes more tightly regulated Ribbex has seen customers demand a separate service for these materials and chosen to provide it through investment with Terberg Matec/Mercedes.

The body is a 30 cubic metre enclosed container with an internal door designed to keep the waste stream compartments separate, reduce cross-contamination and keep stream purity high.
The Toploader® loads using wheelie bins hoisted via 2 separate vertical Terberg lifters into different areas for each waste stream, keeping them separate for disposal purposes.

With both the TEEP regulations and existing legislation becoming well known to customers it is imperative that continued investment allows us to provide an economical and environmentally effective approach to recycling – collecting multiple streams on one vehicle is ideal in this way.

Ribbex continues to grow rapidly and service customers across Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire and London. For further information please contact us