Go Green This New School Year

Did You Know?

The equivalent weight of 185 double decker buses of waste is thrown away by primary and secondary schools across England every day!

As a waste management company Ribbex has the responsibility of guiding schools and businesses towards a more sustainable way of managing their waste. We make it our duty to encourage the separation of recyclable materials at source. With the new school year upon us we will be working alongside our clients in the education sector to increase recycling for both their benefit and the environment.

Great efforts to increase recycling are being made in the education sector, but schools can certainly still do more. To create a meaningful impact consider the following actions:

  • Carry out a comprehensive waste audit
  • Set up a waste reduction action plan/policy
  • Provide training for all school staff so they can lead by example
  • Ensure the site manager or caretaker helps implement the plan/policy
  • Involve pupils in setting up and running this plan/policy
  • Set up a ‘recycling champions’ team for enthusiastic pupils
  • Raise awareness by conducting events to get both pupils and parents involved
  • Label recycling bins and put up posters to promote recycling
  • Ensure bins are well located and emptied at regular intervals
  • Implement a reward scheme for pupils who make the greatest effort or impact
  • Purchase recycled and sustainably sourced products and resources where possible

Reduce waste and increase recycling this coming school year.

Ribbex is here to be help and will carry out a waste audit to get your school on the right path to greater recycling. Get in touch for more information:

Tel: 01707 375 891
Email: customerservices@ribbex.co.uk

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