Liquid Waste: Ribbex has acquired its first vacuum tanker

Ribbex has acquired its first vacuum tanker with the addition to its fleet of an articulated vehicle capable of transporting up to 27,000 ltrs of waste on the road. This vehicle will run in tandem with the Honeywagon’s fleet but has green Ribbex livery at present to begin the standardisation of the brand between our 2 companies.

Both the tractor unit and the barrel are built to ADR specification which means that not only can large quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous materials be moved for our customers but also potentially goods which fall under the Dangerous Good by Road regulations. These include flammable liquids in certain concentrations higher than normally allowable and other materials defined within the regulations.

Ribbex’s fleet now consists of 5 heavy goods vehicles with plans for another purchase shortly to continue to service our growing customer base. The Honeywagon company has another 6 heavy goods vehicles as well as smaller units.

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