Love to Reduce Waste this Valentines

1. Know Your Waste – By having a good understanding of what waste you produce and how much will help you develop an effective reduction solution and thus save money. We can help you with this by carrying out a waste audit.

2. Keep up-to-date with legislation concerning waste to ensure you are not in contravention. We can provide any necessary guidance where needed.

3. Educate your employees about your waste management process so they understand it properly and adhere to it. Be sure to reiterate the principles regularly and train new members of staff.
4. Ensure you place recycling bins in convenient locations so employees will use them instead of general waste bins.

5. Consider having just communal waste and recycling points rather than having a general waste bin assigned to each employee/desk to encourage more recycling and separation.

6. Label/colour-code bins, listing the specific materials that can and cannot go into the bins.

7. Make sure your bins are appropriately sized. If your recycling bins are too small this will discourage your employees from using them.

8. Purchase stationery with a high-recycled content and other office supplies with recycled and/or recyclable content.

9. Encourage employees to print emails only when necessary.

10. Set printers to automatic duplexing (prints both sides by default).

11. Use linen towel dispensers or hand dryers instead of paper. If you use paper, make sure it has a high recycled content and that it is recycled.

12. Provide reusable mugs, utensils, glasses and crockery for employees.

13. Dispose of hazardous waste responsibly. See our Services section for more information about recycling this type of waste.

14. Ensure your lighting is efficient and lights are turned off when not in use.