Right Waste Right Place

The ‘Right Waste Right Place’ (RWRP) campaign is aimed at informing businesses of their obligations to dispose of their waste correctly and safely. Recently, the organisation has reached 24 ambassadors who have signed up to spread the message to suppliers, customers and members of businesses.

The campaign is run by the Environmental Services Association (ESA); the Ambassador programme was launched in August 2016. In order to join the programme as an Ambassador, organisations must be able to:

  • Prove they can embrace the principles of RWRP
  • Utilise a programme for managing their own waste
  • Commit to promoting waste management best practice
  • Actively engage with RWRP and promote the campaign

Head of Regulation at the ESA, Sam Corp, spoke about the rise in the number of organisations wanting to be a part of the Ambassador programme: “We are being approached by organisations from an array of sectors every week who want to get involved in the RWRP campaign.

This demonstrates that local authorities, businesses and others are recognising how serious an issue Duty of Care compliance is. I am looking forward to continuing to work with our campaign ambassadors and to many more organisations signing up to the programme in the near future.”

Bespoke research and educational packages are available to all ambassadors so that they may inform businesses of the campaign’s message with complete confidence. The campaign represents an opportunity for both waste management companies and other businesses to benefit, as complying with regulations alleviates the risk of serious penalties.

The big picture view of the RWRP campaign is to help reduce waste crime, no matter what the cause. Across 2014-2015, local authorities spent around £69 million dealing with over 962,000 reported waste crime incidents, the main culprit being fly-tipping.

According to the Waste Duty of Care, “Anyone who produces, imports, keeps, stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is managed properly.”

If businesses don’t fulfil their duty, then they run the risk of being imposed with a fine. In England and Wales, the amount is unlimited, whilst for Scotland and Northern Ireland the fine is up to £5,000.

Let Ribbex help you comply with the Waste Duty of Care by putting the right waste in the right place. Utilising our modern fleet of vehicles and expert team, we can provide tailored collections for your business which is compliant, reliable and competitive.

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